Concentrated dilute 1to20. pH 12,
Maximises the breaking down and
removing of dirty sticky grease and oil
residues from cars, trucks and heavy duty
machinery.(gearboxes, engines, etcetera).
Dirty greasy ovens, braais and grids.
Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol, STPP, TSP,
Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic), Sodium
Gluconate, Foaming agent, Water Softener,
Emulsier, Mea, Oxitol, Florescent Colorant.
WARNINGS: Do not swallow. Keep out of
reach of children. Do not inhale, use in well
ventilated area. Use Cloves and cover eyes
or face protection. Wash hands after use.
Water-soluble. Spray and allow 2-3 minutes
to penetrate. Scrub with a brush and wash
with water or power washer.
Do not use on warm aluminum, might
cause discoloring. Flammable.


Ingredients: No Sulphates for sensitive skin and with a pH7 as a shampoo (CDE) Coconut base moisturiser, this is essential to prevent your body from drying out when you use it as – Shower gel – Bubble bath – Hand soap – Dishwashing with cleaner and brighter results. Added optical brightener for washing liquid 50ml max for 7kg wash loads. Excellent as a car wash and all round cleaning.

Pine Cleaner Detergent and Disinfectant

Dilute 1to20 for all cleaning purposes. Kills 99% of all. Bacteria and bacterial growth. Maximises cleaning and removing of bacteria and unwanted dirt fast and effectively.
No oily or sticky residues. Where you work, walk, touch i-Fresh will clean and disinfect. Factories, households, schools, classrooms, porches, all foors, worktops, baths, toilets and
Ingredients: Aqua, 2% BAC 50(QAC) Antibacterial agent, NP9, Pine Oil, Oxitol, Colorants,


Cleanse and restore the skin to a healthy balance with a day long-lasting fresh experience.

Ingredients: No Sulphates, (CDE) Coconut base moisturiser. This is essential to prevent body, face and hair from drying out. Aqua, pH 7, SDBS, Preservatives, EDTA, Sodium Chloride, Foaming agent. Aquatic fragrance

Silicon Car Dash & Leather

Water base Silicone with cherry avor.
Preserve and protect leather, all plastic
component for dash boards.
WARNING: Keep away from children,
do not swallow and keep away from eyes.
surfaces, vinyl and dash boards. Also for
Contains an Anti-static and anti-glare
outside plastic trimmings and tyres.